Monday, August 19, 2013

IPAD APP: SpeakEasy NY

IPAD APP: SpeakEasy NY
Create an app for the Apple iPad based on something you would buy.

For this app I decided to create something for lovers of spoken word poetry. Spoken word is one of my interests and I often find it difficult to find upcoming shows because most sites that list shows include both amateur and professional readers. I have yet to find a place online that includes all the professionals so I decided to create an app to help find upcoming shows.
The SpeakEasy App gives information about upcoming events, information on poets, history of spoken word, and also has a feature of a different poet each month, which includes a biography and performance by that poet.

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  1. Nice. At first I thought this would be a guide to juke joints, you know dance clubs or places to go. I said oh, the other speak easy, open poetry in NYC. I get it. Hey I'm a writer and poet, but a dancer, too. Carrie C.